When Did Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman Get Their Own Movies?

When did Batman, Wonder Woman, and Batman and Superman get their own movies?

That was a question that came up during the Q&A session at Comic-Con International in San Diego last night.

And it was one of the many things fans were asked during the panel, which also included Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League.

So we sat down with the producers of the three movies to find out.

And, as expected, it was a fun discussion, with plenty of laughs and plenty of surprises.

First up, there was the question about when it was that the three films were first made, and that answer was pretty close to the answer.

Director Zack Snyder said he was initially working on the first two, which were made in 2002 and 2003.

He was trying to make a story that would be “not just a story about Superman, but about Batman, and he’s also kind of a guy that wants to have a little bit of a fun story, and the story just sort of sort of comes out of that.”

So he’s kind of taking over the Batman story and telling it from the point of view of Batman, rather than having his own story, he said.

That led to a conversation about when those movies came out.

“The first two came out, and then the first three came out,” Snyder said.

“It was kind of like the first time I started doing these stories, it kind of was like, I’ll be back in six months.”

Snyder continued: “The next movie, we started in 2006.

We were doing the Batman movie with all the other characters, and it was kind, you know, we’re just trying to do the story that we wanted to tell, and I was like yeah, I’m doing the same thing.

But the other thing that happened was we had a really strong cast, and we had some really great writing, and all of that kind of came out of a feeling that, hey, I can do this.

So I was really trying to create a Batman story that felt like this story that was like this thing that you can do, and what I was trying with the first movie, you can play with it.

So, that was sort of a process. “

And then the third movie, they were just kind and you know you know they were kind of doing this one, so we kind, we had kind of this, and they were like, well, you don’t want to do that, you want to go the way that they’re doing it.

So, that was sort of a process.

And so then I kind of took a year off, and so then we had this whole thing with the second movie, and now we have this whole movie and we have a lot of fun and we are all kind of excited to get back in, you and me.”

But the biggest surprise for fans, and maybe the most surprising, was the answer to the question on when the movies first made their way into theaters.

“Yeah, it’s kind, it comes to a period of, yeah, 2003,” Snyder answered.

“So, that’s when the first movies came in.

And then the second movies came, so, you were kind, yeah it was 2003.”

There were a lot more details on when it all began, and there was a lot going on in the Batman universe, but there was one thing that wasn’t mentioned in the panel that everyone was asked about: when the third film was originally made.

The answer was, “2003.”

Snyder was asked by the audience, “So when did Batman and Wonder Women make their way to the big screen?”

He replied, “It’s not until the third one, you’re right, it doesn’t have that name.”

Snyder did not elaborate, but fans were left to guess what this might mean.

The fact that the third Batman movie was later re-released as Batman: The Brave and the Bold suggests that it was released before the third series, but Snyder did mention that he was still “at the stage of doing some of the other movies” and that it “was a little while.”

“I was at the stage that I was doing a lot and a lot, and doing a little of the third movies,” Snyder explained.

“But it was in the third, you got it in the fourth, and you had a big story and you got some really interesting characters, you had some, you have some really cool story lines, and a really fun movie.

I don’t know, maybe the next time I’m going to be a

When did Batman, Wonder Woman, and Batman and Superman get their own movies?That was a question that came up during…

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