When the space station exploded in 1962: The story behind the 1962 space movie

The 1962 space flight of the US space shuttle Discovery and the subsequent mission of the Space Station Progress were among the greatest triumphs of human endeavor and of spaceflight in history.

But it was the space shuttle Columbia that brought a lot of attention to India, a country that was a bit behind the times and a country still a bit embarrassed by its past.

In India, the idea of a space station and the desire to send people to the moon were not only in the minds of the masses but also in the heads of the ruling elite.

The Soviet Union, for example, was already in space and in the process of building the largest space station in the world.

But the Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) had no space station to launch its citizens to the lunar surface.

So when the Columbia launched from Earth in 1962, Isro launched a Soviet satellite to the space moon, Mir, as well.

Mir was launched on a Soyuz rocket on October 23, 1962, just a month before the launch of the Soviet Soyuz.

The Soviets had been planning a manned mission to the Moon since the late 1960s.

But a few years before, in 1961, a Soyuk rocket carrying the Soviet Progress I had crashed in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

The debris was a mere 10kg (25lbs) in weight.

The Progress I was not only the most expensive space station ever built but it also had a weight that was much higher than the spacecraft itself.

In 1962, the total mass of the Progress I, including the module, was just about one ton.

The mission to Mir, however, was a monumental undertaking that took Isro three years to complete.

On September 10, 1963, a Soviet Soyuk booster, called Progress 39A, successfully launched Mir into space.

The launch was a success for Isro and for the Soviet Union.

But Isro was not done.

On October 3, 1963 the Soviet satellite Progress 41B was launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, where it would spend almost two months in orbit before making a descent to Earth.

This mission would be called Sputnik 1 and would prove to be a turning point in the history of space travel.

Sputnik One, which launched on September 9, 1964, was the first launch of a man into space from Earth.

But this launch would also be the first of the Soyuz-launched Soviet spacecrafts to crash.

It was a terrible event that killed a lot and left an indelible mark on the history books.

The Soyuz booster carrying the Progress 41A crashed during launch.

The Soyuz launch was cancelled and the Soyuk was destroyed.

Mir and Sputnicket OneThe success of the first Soviet mission and the success of Mir had left a legacy that Isro could not have wished for.

The first manned mission of a Soviet spacecraft, however…

On January 16, 1965, a second Soyuz launched the Soviet spacecraft Progress 43A.

This time, the launch was postponed due to a problem with the Soyutkraft-1 booster.

This second Soyuk launch was the most successful of all the ones that had gone before it.

The second launch was also the first time that a Soyuks rocket was launched in orbit.

The booster was called Soyuz 39B and it was launched the next day.

It took off from Baikal Cosmodromet on January 19, 1965.

The flight lasted just 10 minutes and ended with a splashdown on the Pacific island of Honshu.

This event was known as the splashdown.

Mir, Sputner and the MoonA third Soyuz flight was scheduled for March 21, 1965 from Baiguat.

It carried the Progress 44A and it took off on March 28.

But that mission would also end in disaster.

On April 4, the Progress rocket carrying Progress 44B had a failure.

This launch would be known as Progress 43B.

The failure of the third Soyuk, however,…

On April 12, the rocket carrying Mir was destroyed by a bomb blast during a test flight of a new rocket.

The rocket exploded shortly after taking off from Honsu.

The blast destroyed Mir and Sputsnik One.

Mir, Sputsner and Sputenik OneThe three satellites of the new Russian space program were the first spacecrafts of the Russian space programme.

It had taken some time for them to be launched and completed.

But they were now ready to be put into orbit.

The first flight of Sputniks, or space station, was in 1961 and the second flight in 1962.

Sputnikov, or spaceport, was planned for launch on the same day.

The planned launch date was June 22, 1963.

This date was later changed to October 30, 1963 when the launch had to be postponed due a failure of one of the two Soyuz boosters.

Mir and the spaceport were

The 1962 space flight of the US space shuttle Discovery and the subsequent mission of the Space Station Progress were…

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