How the new Google movies app lets you get your favourite movies on the go

The new Google Movies app for Android lets you instantly stream movies to your Android device, without the need to sign in to Google Play.

Google announced the change in a blog post on Wednesday.

Google Play is one of the most popular mobile app stores on the web, and the app is designed to be the easiest way to access and download content.

The app is available in a number of languages and features more than 500,000 movies.

Google is launching the app in Australia on August 15.

The move comes amid growing concerns about piracy, and is the latest in a string of announcements by the search giant to crack down on piracy.

“We want to make it easy for people to access our most popular content, like movies and music, and to share them with their friends and family,” Google said in the blog post.

Google also launched a mobile app for iOS last month.

“Google Play is a great place to access free, unlimited, personalized content, with the most comprehensive catalog of movie, TV and music downloads, as well as the ability to watch and stream videos and music from our library,” the company said.

“This new feature will enable more people to discover and enjoy movies and TV shows in the most convenient way.”

The company also introduced a new app called Google Play Movies, which will allow users to add their own content to the Google Play library.

“You’ll now be able to search and find movies from all over the world, from the best movies from Netflix, YouTube and Amazon, to new films from independent studios and TV producers,” the app said.

Google said the feature will be available to everyone in Australia, but only after a trial period.

“For now, you’ll need to register for a Google account and download the app.

This trial period will run from August 15,” the post said.

The new feature is part of a wider crackdown on piracy in the country.

The search giant recently cracked down on a massive number of pirated Android apps, including one that allowed users to access a range of pirate music apps.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission said in April that it was investigating a similar app that was downloaded almost 400,000 times in a day, but it said it did not have the authority to launch an investigation.

The new Google Movies app for Android lets you instantly stream movies to your Android device, without the need to…

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