Why is the ‘Legion’ movie so popular?

Mark Wahlberg has become a huge star with his films, but he hasn’t always been a huge fan of ‘Legions’.

The actor says the film is “a huge success” but is concerned that its tone might be too much for the modern audience.

Wahlburg, who stars as a veteran cop in the film, told CNN on Thursday that he was worried that the tone might get too big for the audiences.

“I think its a bit too serious for the 21st century,” Wahlberger said.

“And the thing about the 21-and-over age group is it’s so different to today, so it has a little bit of a different vibe.”

Wahlber added that he felt the film was too light-hearted, “a little bit too much of a throwback”.

Wahlheim said that his character, Frank, would be able to handle anything he faced, but that “I had a problem with the whole idea of the whole character being so kind and so soft and sweet”.

“The whole movie is a love story, and a love affair between two people, and they’re on the run together,” Wampoog said.

The film is the latest Hollywood release to receive negative reviews.

The Weinstein Company released a scathing review of the film in December, which claimed that Wahlbert “gives his characters too much airtime and his characterisation is so artificial”.

In December, Wahl Bergman also said that he had been “laughed out of the theatre” by the film’s audience.

“There was this thing about ‘legions’ that I was trying to describe as being very, very, big,” he said.

He said the audience was “very much aware of this” and that the film “doesn’t do justice to the real world”.

“We had a couple of conversations with the directors and they said, ‘We know you can’t do it the way we do it,’ and that was very clear,” he told CNN.

“You can’t make it too big or too light, because there’s a certain element of being too soft.”

Wamposge also questioned whether the film should have been made at all.

“Why not?

You can’t have people in the movie being like, ‘Oh, I just want to watch a film of this and that,'” he said, adding that he would have preferred if the film had been shot in Ireland.

“It would have been a very different movie,” Wampsong said.

Watch the full interview with Mark Wampomberg below:

Mark Wahlberg has become a huge star with his films, but he hasn’t always been a huge fan of ‘Legions’.The…

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