Which movie will have the biggest impact on the 2020 election?

The first-half of the year has been a bumper year for Hindi cinema, with more than 2,000 films hitting theatres across India.

The total number of films has already topped the 3,000 mark.

Here are the most-anticipated films in 2019:1.

Bhiwani 2: Anushka Chopra’s first feature film, it was released in India in August and has now crossed the $10 million mark.

It has already become the most expensive film in the country and has earned $2.5 million.2.

Prakash Kapoor’s film has also crossed the threshold of the Rs 1 crore mark, bringing the total global gross to $6.8 million.3.

Rajinikanth’s comedy, which has crossed the Rs 50 crore mark in just two days, has already generated more than $6 million from its first week.4.

Koothana: An Indian actress who starred in many acclaimed films, including The Royal Tenenbaums and Dilwale, is set to play a key role in Amitabh Bachchan’s upcoming film, which is set in Mumbai and will have a similar story as Prakushka’s.5.

Anil Kapoor-starrer The Black Swan has also made its mark with $3 million in its first 24 hours, bringing its total to $7.6 million.6.

The Golden Compass, an adaptation of the bestselling author Amitabah Bachchan book, is another contender to become the biggest hit of 2019.

It’s currently sitting at $8.5, according to the Indiewire website.7.

Jai-Akhil Bhatt’s first film, The Golden Child, has crossed $10,000 in just a few days and will soon surpass $15 million in revenue.8.

The Fate of the Furious, which opened in May, has made a solid start with $5.4 million from the first week and is now sitting at more than half a billion dollars.9.

The Path of the Warrior has made its debut with $4.8m from its opening weekend and is on course to hit the $20 million mark in its next six days.10.

Bajrangi Bhaijaan, the film which made Baju Rao the most popular Indian film star in recent years, has also begun to make a splash with its $5 million from two days and is expected to reach the $6 billion mark in the coming week.

The first-half of the year has been a bumper year for Hindi cinema, with more than 2,000 films hitting theatres…

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