How to use the Contagian Movie Database

The Contagians movie database is an amazing resource for fans and filmmakers alike.

Its huge and growing, and is still evolving with each new release.

But the database has its drawbacks.

For starters, the database is not searchable.

But there is one very handy way to find the titles of films: use the movie title tags.

For example, let’s say you want to find out what movie title you should see in the Contaggion movie database.

The first step is to create a new database.

You will need to know a few things, including the name of the movie, a few credits, and an expiration date.

Here’s how.

Step 1: Create a new Movie Database (MDB) in your favorite software Create a new folder in your Documents directory.

Next, in the Data directory, find the Movie Database.

Click Create.

Then, in Create New Database, enter the following information: title, title tag, film tag, and a filename.

Note that we are using the film tag here. 

For the title, this is a movie title.

For the title tag we are going to use “Movies” and the movie tag is a title.

You can always search the database for movies by their title.

Finally, click Save.

In the new Movie database, the first thing you need to do is find the title tags for each film you want.

We are going be searching for films with the title “Million Dollar Man” and “The Secret in the Sand.”

To do that, open up your Contagion movie databases and locate the films in the database with the same title tag.

(If you are new to this feature, read our article on creating a new movie database).

Then, right click on each movie and choose New Movie Title Tag.

Then, type in the title and tag and hit Enter.

Now you will see a list of movies with the tag “MGM” and you can type in “M.M.G.” for each of the films.

You’ll notice that we’re using the movie tags “M” and “(M)” for the title.

This is what we need to find.

Next we’ll search for the movie with the movie name “The Last Airbender.”

The last name of “The Airbender” is a very common word in the English language.

It is often shortened to “LAG.”

If you search for “MGS” you will notice that there are many films with this title tag in the MDB.

Next, we’ll find the movie “The Mummy” in the Movie database.

We’re going to search for films “The” and “_.”

We can use “_” because it is a leading or ending title.

Finally, we can find the film “Swan Song.”

You can find this title in the “MUM” database.

We now have all of the information we need.

So now we just need to figure out how to add the titles to the movies in the databases.

To do that we will first need to create an MDB to search.

Create a folder in the Documents directory, add the following files to the top of the folder: c:\users\john\Documents\ContagianMovies\ContaggionMovies.xml, c:\Users\john/Documents\Users\John\Documents/ContagiansMovie.xml.

You may want to save these files in a separate folder to avoid creating a large file.

Then add the title of each movie to the first entry in the following file: title tag tag, title, filename. 

The title tag is where we want to insert the film title.

It will be the first file that we create in the list of titles.

The filename is the name that we want for the file.

We don’t want to use a file name like “movie” for the filename.

For this example, we want “movie.mp4.”

You could add any filename you want, just remember that the filename must be lowercase and begin with a lowercase letter.

Here is an example of what the title will look like: Next we’ll add the credits.

This will add the name, title and credits for each movie.

This step is optional and you should not add this information to the title or filename.

Once we have all the information in place, open the Movie databases in your preferred software and navigate to the ContaggerMovies directory.

You should see something like this: Now you just need one last step to add each movie title to the databases: click Save to close the Movie.

And that’s it!

You now have an M.

M,M, and M.

G movie database ready to go.

Do you have any suggestions for improvements or corrections to the article?

If so, please let me know!

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The Contagians movie database is an amazing resource for fans and filmmakers alike.Its huge and growing, and is still evolving…

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