‘The Biggest Loser’ star reveals his true identity as ‘Eliza’

The Biggest Laughs star, who has starred in a string of films, including ‘Biggest Losers’ and ‘Losing My Religion’, revealed his real name and identity to NDTV as he made a public debut.

Eliza was born in New York and was raised in South America.

She attended Harvard University and has starred on several films in the US.

NDTV had earlier asked her if she wanted to be named ‘Elizas’ as a nod to her star power.

Elizabear, who also plays the role of “Eliza”, said she was thrilled to reveal her true identity.

“I’ve been asked to go out there and play my character for the first time in front of a large crowd and that was exciting for me,” she said.

Elzabear said she chose the name because she felt it reflected her personal journey, saying it would be more natural for her to be known as ‘she’.

“She is an important part of my character,” she added.

“It’s very much like how you say ‘I’m your sister’.

I wanted it to be something that was very specific and it was very natural for me to go with that.

I think it will be a fun experience for me.

It’s very personal for me.”

Eliza, who plays a “dancer”, said that she would be very happy if she could play a role in a film.

“It’s so cool to be playing the character and playing it as well as my character and being able to perform,” she told NDTV.

Elisa said she wanted people to know her true name because it is not in her character.

“To be honest, I don’t want people to call me that,” she joked.

“But if I can get a part in a movie and I can be the voice of her, then I am happy to do that.”

Elizapar has been in the news recently for being the first transgender woman to be inducted into the Indian Film Association.

Eliza, however, said she did not feel she had a place in Indian cinema.

“I have never seen myself as a person,” she clarified.

“People have to respect and understand that I am a person who is a performer and a performer who does things, a performer, not a person.”

If I want to be an actor, I will.

If I want my role to be in a major film, I can make that happen.

“Elzalias life has been changed by her transgender status.”

My family, my friends, my school, my life has changed because I have become a transgender person.

I feel like I have been living the dream for a long time,” she explained.”

People do not realise how much I’ve changed.

I am not afraid anymore.

The Biggest Laughs star, who has starred in a string of films, including ‘Biggest Losers’ and ‘Losing My Religion’, revealed…

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