AFRICOM: US forces ‘will not stop to talk’ as it seeks to retake the village of Aqaba, Syria

US forces will not stop fighting in Syria’s Quneitra province until it has retaken Aqabah, according to US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel.

Hagel’s remarks come after a video emerged showing US soldiers shooting and killing a group of villagers in Syria earlier this month, a move the Pentagon condemned as “unacceptable”.

The village was captured by the Syrian government in December 2015 and was held by rebels until January this year, when it was recaptured by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces.

Hagels statement came after a US soldier was seen on Monday morning shooting and wounding at least two civilians, one of whom died of his injuries.

Hageland said on Monday that the US military was prepared to continue the fight, as long as Assad remains in power, The Washington Post reported.

Hagens comments came after the Pentagon denounced as “insulting” a video of US soldiers killing two civilians in Syria.

The video, which was filmed by a resident who filmed the killing, showed two US soldiers kneeling to a group, one with a gun, and another with a knife.

One of the men is seen holding a child in his arms, while another holds a knife and an object.

The US military has since condemned the killing as “a despicable and cowardly attack” and said it would not hesitate to act against the perpetrators of such an act.

Hagos remarks come just hours after President Donald Trump tweeted that “a few days ago, I was briefed on a very sad and tragic situation in Syria, and the President said that the United States was prepared, at a minimum, to provide arms to the very local forces that are currently fighting the terrorist groups.”

The White House also issued a statement on Monday saying that Trump is not considering sending arms to rebels in Syria but is focused on defeating ISIS, The New York Times reported.

The president’s statement came as the US continued to bomb Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) targets in Syria and Iraq, with the US bombing targets in Raqqa province, where a US-led coalition has been battling the Islamic State.

US forces will not stop fighting in Syria’s Quneitra province until it has retaken Aqabah, according to US Defense Secretary…

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