Lego Movie and Scary Movie star Adam Driver has been named best Christmas movie star

Adam Driver and the Scary and Funny team at Disney’s upcoming animated feature LEGO Movie have been named the top two Christmas movies, respectively, in the new annual movie review survey released today by IMDB.

Driver, who plays a former astronaut who’s been searching for the missing spaceship in the LEGO Movie, is up there with the likes of Meryl Streep, who has starred in more than a dozen other Disney animated features.

Driver was named Best Christmas Movie Actor and Best Christmas Film Actor.

The survey, which takes into account all movie-related awards and awards for the past four years, also asked fans to name the movie they most wanted to see the movie, and the best actor they would like to see win that honor.

The survey was conducted by IMDb, which tracks the film industry and has been nominated for the Academy Awards every year since 2006.

The poll was conducted on December 5th and 6th, with the results released today.

The Scary movies are the third and fourth biggest movies of the year, with The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers topping the list, followed by the upcoming Jurassic World.

The Best Christmas Movies category is comprised of the four films that received the most votes:The Scaries were nominated for five Academy Awards, including Best Animated Feature, Best Animated Short, Best Sound Editing and Best Original Score.

It is the first time since 2012 that The Scaries have received nominations for those categories.

The first two Scaries, The Avengers and The Dark Knights Rises, received two nominations apiece, and The Scary franchise is currently in the top five films of all time.

This year, the three Scaries combined to make $9.5 billion worldwide.

The award nominations include:Best Original Score for the Dark Knight Returns (featuring Christopher Nolan and Matthew Vaughn)Best Sound Editing for The Dark Times (featurring Tim Burton)Best Animated Feature for The Haunted Mansion (featurring Michael Keaton)Best Picture for The Nightmare Before Christmas (featurred Michael Keating)Best Director for The Revenant (featured Sean Baker)Best Actress for The Great Gatsby (featurs Rooney Mara)Best Actor for The Lego Movie (featiled John Goodman)Best Supporting Actor for Scary Times (with Jake Gyllenhaal, John Goodman and Bill Murray)The Scars and The LEGO Movie are coming out in December and will be the first two movies to premiere this year.

Adam Driver and the Scary and Funny team at Disney’s upcoming animated feature LEGO Movie have been named the top…

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