Why ‘Superman’ should be the movie everyone can see

It’s been a few years since “Superman” was in theaters and, frankly, it’s pretty hard to see it on any big screen without a ticket.

So, for fans of the DC Comics superhero, this year’s “Supergirl” reboot could be a huge win.

“Supergirl,” which hits theaters on March 8, is based on Kara Zor-El, the heroine of the comic book series and the daughter of Clark Kent, the Superman of the comics.

The show will be produced by Warner Bros. Television and Warner Bros.-Paramount Pictures, with series creator Andrew Kreisberg, producer Ali Adler and star Melissa Benoist returning to the show.

The reboot is also being filmed at Warner Bros.’

Gotham Studios in Burbank, California, and will be distributed by Warner TV.

“Superboy,” meanwhile, is being shot in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The “Super Girl” reboot has a long road to getting the green light, and there are a number of hurdles that need to be cleared.

First, the studio needs to get permission from Warner Bros., which will need to approve the use of the show’s name and logo.

It would also need to give Warner Bros./Paramount the greenlight to release the pilot, and it needs to convince Warner Bros/Paramount that the show is the right one to bring back as part of a new TV series.

There are also questions about whether the show would be able to get a PG-13 rating from the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), which will have to sign off on the ratings before it could greenlight the pilot.

The MPAA will also have to approve any episodes.

The next hurdle is scheduling.

The series will not be released until March 10, so the studio will need time to find a pilot that would work for the show, schedule it and get it ready for release.

And then there’s scheduling the pilot together with Warner Bros’ other TV projects.

For now, “Superhero” is scheduled to air in the fall on CBS.

It’s been a few years since “Superman” was in theaters and, frankly, it’s pretty hard to see it on any…

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